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No.48, Alley 5,Lane 247, Min Tsu RD., Pan Chiao Dist, New Taipei City, Taiwan.
Tel:2954-8972  Fax:2955-9156
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Services and Support
  • Sample Availability & Policy
    Samples are provided free of charge.
  • Guarantees/Warranties/Terms and Conditions
    Not only do we proudly guarantee the quality of our products, but their 15-day delivery as well. We gladly accept on-site L/Cs or T/Ts as payment
  • After Sales Service
    Not only will we provide insurance, shipping, and customs for you as part of our normal after sales service, but we will also be glad to service you in any way possible. Just contact our head office!

  • OEM Capability
    We accept OEM orders for all products and/or product lines for membrane switches, membrane keyboards, and flexible PCBs. We also design and manufacture new models and products as well as buyers' logos/labels. Quality standards and approvals are in accordance with buyers' requests. Contact us now for more details!
  • Number of Production Lines
  • Staff Details
    Production Staff : 60 to 79
    QC Staff : 40 to 49
    R&D Staff : 10 to 19
  • Years of OEM Experience
  • Design Services Offered
  • Buyer Label Offered
  • Materials/Components
    England: 25%
    France: 25%
    Taiwan: 25%
    USA: 25%
  • Machinery/Equipment for OEM
    OPE insulation testing machine, spring testing machine, voltage testing machine, and many more.
  • Monthly Output
    1,000,000 to 1,999,999
  • Major Markets Served

No. 48, Alley 5, Lane 247, Min Tsu Rd, Pan Chiao Dist, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Tel : 886-2-29548972 Fax : 886-2-29559156
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